About VARA

The Vermont Auto Recyclers Association (VARA) is a grassroots effort to build responsible representation of auto recyclers in Vermont. The state of Vermont has always been looked at as a progressive, “green” state and the auto recycling industry is no exception. Years before going green was the thing to do, Vermont’s auto recyclers have been reusing and rebuilding end of life vehicles in an effort to preserve the natural beauty of the state.

VARA was formed in spring of 2010 in response to the Vermont state legislature’s Act 93. The Act was the beginning of a much needed effort to consolidate salvage regulation in the state. For years, the salvage industry in Vermont was regulated through the DMV with an emphasis on the motor vehicle tracking side of regulation. Lacking the goals of environmental conservation, some salvage yards took advantage of the lax regulations and enforcement. Numerous complaints about just a few dirty salvage yards were ruining the image of other yards in the state. With the passage of Act 93 regulation shifts to the Agency of Natural Resources (ANR) who’s major goals include environmental conservation.

The ANR was charged with developing all new regulations and a proactive group of recyclers decided it was time to get involved. We represent the recyclers in Vermont who want to do business while protecting our state’s environment. We do not distinguish between “good” and “bad” yards, only those who are trying to stay in compliance with the law those who couldn’t care a less. Beyond the productive development of the regulations associated with Act 93, our goal is to be a voice and a resource for salvage yards who want to work within the law to succeed.